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Gabby and her strange ideas...

Everyone enjoying the chaos of the Ball?


In other news, I've gotten the idea of making a Who's Who of the characters in Sanct, simply to help everyone know who's in their Houses, and the kind of impressions to have with each other. What I will likely need help with are little bios about the characters in questions, and if you feel imaginative, opinions on other students by your character. IE - George Weasley's impression of Caio Ballesteros, and vice versa. Opinionated, dirty, hateful little ideas. Also, don't limit yourself to just the PCs you have -- if you have any NPCs that are friends with your character(s), feel free to do a write-up for them as well. I don't want anyone left in the dark

Feel free to email them to me (illicitfaith@aol.com), or reply to this post. If you know someone in the RP that isn't watching this community, direct them over to it.

Here is the listing I have thus far:

Emrys, Tybalt - Fifth Year
Hartley, Richard - Sixth Year
Johnson, Angelina - Fifth Year
Morrow, Tanzen Calloway - Fifth Year
Sakamoto, Kumiko - Fifth Year
Weasley, Fred - Fifth Year
Weasley, George - Fifth Year
Wood, Oliver - Seventh Year

Callahan, Siobhan - Fifth Year
Ducksworth, Lindsay - First Year
Gardner, Cooper - Sixth Year
Killian, Mandy - First Year
McDally, Liam - Fourth Year

Bradford, Alexandra - Fifth Year
Brandon, Kelby - Fifth Year
Krauser, Julia - Seventh Year
McDally, Aileen - Second Year
Nighteyes, Cassiel - Third Year
no Delaunay de Montreve, Delilah - Fourth Year
Sullivan, Rosalind - Third Year

Ballesteros, Caio - Fifth Year
de Monet, Christian - Sixth Year
Edwards, Grainne - Sixth Year
Miller, Aurelius - Sixth Year
Pritchett, Linden - First Year
Warrington, Randall - Fifth Year

If there is erroneous information, lemme know and I'll fix asap. If you have other pictures of your character(s) that you'd like to submit for the directory, also lemme know. HTMLing this is going to kill me... :o) See the sacrifices I do for the lot of you!?

And yes -- NO MORE FIFTH YEARS! WE HAVE TOO MANY! :o) That is all.
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