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Jento Rashara Saor

· Character Name: Jento Rashara Saor (Shore)
· Race: Human
· Sex: Male
· Age: 14
· Birth date: April 1
· Hair: Auburn
· Eyes: Blue
· Height: 5 foot 8 inches
· Weight: 140lbs
· Skin color: fair
· Family:
o Brian Saor (Father) 45 Lives in Kenya. Presently he works in the Department of Magical Creatures - Muggle and Magical Protection Kenya division. Brian is a preservationist. His job is to hide the magical creatures from the Muggles and the Muggles from the Magical creatures.
o Marie Saor (Mother) 35 Lives with Husband. Presently working for the Ministry of Magic, Native Affairs (Hedge Wizard, shaman relations) Her job is to do outreach to the native shaman population to train and assist.
o Wendy Saor (Sister) 9 Lives in Wales presently she is attention the Dyweirian Preparatory school.
· House/Year: 4th year Hufflepuff
· Favorite/Best Class: Transfiguration, DADA, Charms Worst Herbology - Headmaster Sprout had forbidden him to enter the greenhouse. He has killed every plant he has ever been assigned to care (it is not a lack or want of trying - he's got a black thumb).
· Wand Type/Familiar Type: Left handed 8 1/2 inch Dragon heart Cherry Familiar CAT - Maine Coon Kitten (Rafiki)
· Physical Description: Thin, gangly, sort of like his cat, needs to grow into his hands and feet
· Personality: Hard working independent, outgoing friendly, sort of like a puppy.
· Other Notes: Jento has a case of hero worship target Cedric Diggory wants to be just like him.
· Short Personal Background: Jento Rashara grew up in Africa Kenya specifically. His parents love Kenya and work there to protect the wizards and muggles alike. He grew up in a more traditionally integrated society of tribal living. He was named for his father best friend (Jento) a village shaman that helps him with categorize and protect the locals. Rashara is a village midwife and Marie best friend. For the most part, he has lived a normal life.
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